Camden Town

So, I had never been to Camden… I know, crazy! let me tell you that it was way better than I even thought it would be. My friend and I Leah planned to visit Bethel, where we went through the historical display ‘the Bible in Britain’. As we started driving away we passed mill hill tube station and just thought we may as well visit somewhere whilst we were down there. So we got on the underground train to Camden town and off we went. Leah and I always enjoy any type of travel so using the underground tube to get there was super exciting, I haven’t used it many times before.

When we arrived we were taken aback by all the hustle and bustle, it was nothing like other places we have visited. The shop fronts were the first eye-catching part of the vibrant town, with unusual decorations and crazy setups. it wasn’t long until we found somewhere to take photos, our love for streets lined with white houses, square windows, gates, and black doors were screaming when walking along the backroads.


From there we decided to look for somewhere to eat and by no surprise, we chose a Mexican. recently we can’t get enough of burritos, it’s becoming an addiction. We ate in Tortilla, the best Mexican restaurant in London. I went for the tomato rice, chicken, pinto beans, cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream with lettuce. It was so delicious and it came with chips, a bag of tortilla crisps.

After stuffing ourselves with the tasty lunch we headed for the Camden markets. It was so exciting to see what all the fuss is about. Although the weather had fallen and started to rain the atmosphere kept it alive. There were so many market stalls and so much to see, from jewelry to scarves to spoons. Personally, I entered the market with a mindset of ‘only looking around’ but left with a beautiful bracelet and copper cup. how could I pass through Camden market without picking up a souvenir or two?

Along the shop fronts, there was a super cute fruit shop. I must sound crazy calling fruit cute but I just love the vibrant colors and variety.

Jazz Cafe

I’d love to visit Camden in the evening, its known to have a great nightlife. cafes, bars, and clubs all different and individual. we left before many of these lovely places open but we got an idea of what it would be like. One place that instantly caught our eye was the jazz cafe. If anyone has seen ‘La la land’ you would know that watching that gives you this new love for jazz if you didn’t already like it before. I’ve heard of this place before and in photos, it looks beautiful. we had to get a cheeky photo out on the front.

Camden is stunning, the atmosphere and unique feel gives you a whole new experience.




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Posted on 21st June 2017

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