Goals For 2018

Every year we make new goals or maybe even continue with our previous year’s resolutions. Either way, it’s something everyone does and a year can go, either way, sometimes bad things happen but we cant let it ruin the whole year! Look for the good in everything and everyone and always push yourself in every aspect of your life. Here are my a few of my big goals for 2018… I hope you enjoy.

My Goals

Work on my Instagram

I have always loved Instagram, being able to share what I’ve done that day with everyone who follows me. I want to start incorporating my blog in with my posts, that way I can stay in control of everything on different platforms of social media. I am hoping to get better with my post content and quality, I love a good Instagram account with lovely presented photos!


Set and reach blogging goals

I have always had some sort of blogging platform throughout the years, but earlier this year I decided to take the leap and set up my own website and just go for it. However, it has not been easy, due to pure daily life getting in the way to some bigger problems I had to sort out, I put what I love doing on hold. Whether that was a good thing or not I don’t know, because I made it my escape from reality and it made me so happy. I want to make sure I post so many posts a week, starting at just one and then maybe increase this number when I get more into a routine. In terms of blogging content, i am hoping to explore different ways of presenting my blogs and throw myself into the deep end of trying new things out.


Learn Spanish

For a while now I have been wanting to learn Spanish with the hope of one day living in Spain for a certain amount of time, and then speaking Spanish fluently. I have always had a love of language, and from an early age took it upon myself to learn French, and continued this throughout secondary school and GCSE. but soon after, I just forgot and lost that interest, I can barely say a few sentences in French now :/ So now I’m settled into work, I really want to try this out, I think it would make a great achievement!


Progress in care and nursing

So, I recently started a new job in care, I trained to get my care certificate and then went on to shadowing and so forth, and now work full time as a carer for the elderly. I absolutely love my job with a passion, helping people that can’t do daily tasks I take for granted makes me so happy! I am so lucky to work with such an amazing care group, within this job role I can complete a variety of NVQs. I would love to work my way up to then become a nurse, or do end of life care for children.


Fitness routine

I have always been keen on keeping fit from a young age, but in school I hated PE, I just didn’t like physical games like basketball, football tennis etc.! but when it comes to individual exercise like workouts and going to the gym I thoroughly enjoy it! I love the pumped feeling and of course, the outcome for my health is just so worth it! Along with eating healthily I always feel and see the difference in how I feel and act compared to when I’ve been eating too much junk and hardly done any exercise.


Push myself out of my comfort zone

I am so proud of myself for what I have done this year! I have experienced so much that I never thought I would this year, and I just could not be happier. If it wasn’t for me pushing myself out of my comfort zone I would not be where I am right now. I must remember that because I do not want to turn back to anything like what I used to be like. It’s absolutely amazing living life like there is no tomorrow, most people are scared of my decision making, but I couldn’t be more excited about how I am living my life. Over the next year, I can’t wait to let everyone in on my life and be open to you all, for you all to see what I am like. I am sure you will all soon realize what I mean by living life on the edge 😀


Get more organized

Organization is one of those things I always say I am, here’s the thing, I am soooo not organized aha. I sometimes fool myself thinking that I am, but let’s be honest I can’t even keep my room tidy for one day. So a big goal that is actually made up of lots of smaller tasks is to be more organized. For example making my bed every morning, keeping on top of a tidy room, making sure my wardrobe is neat and tidy. All little things like that make a big difference in your mood and everyday living.



THIS is definitely my favorite part to look forward to, this is not just for 2018 but a lifetime love of mine. Next year, I want to go to loads of festivals and lots of different cities around UK and Europe. I can assure you that I will be posting lots to do with travel 😀


I cannot wait for 2018 to start, it’s a new chapter and I know it holds a lot for me. My aim is to document as much as I can on here to share with you all! Here’s to 2018!!!

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