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American Teen – Khalid

I remember listening to ‘American Teen’ back in March and falling in love with Khalids voice, it sends me into a calming mood. ‘Saved’ is one of my favourite songs along with ‘location’, the whole album brings each person their own representation of relationships and we can all relate to the thoughts and feelings he expresses in the songs in a personal way.

Essentially, this is young love and a new, unfamiliar experience for him along with his girl, as heard in “young, dumb and broke”. Any type of love, especially teen love, can be a rollercoaster of questions, hormones, feelings, and these can all run rampant at the same time. “Location” is an amazing, chill urban contemporary record. The beats are so important in his songs as along with his voice it throws us vibes that we just cant help but love!

I just had to include Khalid in my blog, this album will continue to be one of my favourites, This is a great debut album for Khalid, who can I remind you is only 18 years old!! This is really going to take him to amazing places. I cannot wait to hear whatever Khalid brings us next!

“Location is a song that came to me out of no where. From the first time I heard the beat play, the words flew out. Hearing the chords instantly took me the first stage of a relationship. Young love, man. It’s a crazy thing. I first started making music in the winter of 2015 so this is one of my most developed songs so far.”                                                                                                       -Khalid

Listen to the whole album here


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  1. Michael Palmer
    7 months ago

    Wowweee what a cracking album this is, really got the eardrums rocking! Love this tune! Thanks!😄


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